My research aims at delivering critical evidence to (1) inspire and educate the next generation of researchers (now undergraduate and postgraduate students; see teaching section), (2) improve practice amongst practitioners (especially in ecosystem restoration and agriculture), (3) inform decision making amongst policy makers, and (4) achieve greater awareness amongst the public (outreach and pop science articles).

Public activities

  • Exposing science to school students (France, 2017-2019)
  • Science workshop (Moulis, France, Mar 2018)
  • European Researcher’s Night: Bristol Bright Night (Bristol, UK, Sept 2014)
  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity Workshop: Defining biodiversity (Bristol, UK, Oct 2014)

Research accessibility and articles in journals for a wider audience

I am committed to share my work with a broad audience. This is why 91% of my research is free to read online (top 1% of researchers worldwide). Besides, I have contributed to scientific divulgation by writing articles in journals for a wider audience:

  • Montoya, D. (2023). Últimamente se hable mucho de microplásticos pero ¿sabemos qué son y a qué nos enfrentamos? Berria (newspaper) Link
  • Montoya D. (2021). The impacts of climate change: From a butterfly’s microbiome to food security. Journal of Animal Ecology (blog series about UN Climate Change Conference – COP26) Link
  • Montoya, D. (2019). The restoration of ecological networks: Spatial and temporal scales, stability and global change. Special issue on Restoring interactionsEcosistemas 28(2): 11-19 Link
  • Montoya D. (2009). Resistencia a la deforestación. Los beneficios de la dispersión de semillas por animales. Revista Investigación y Ciencia 390, 12-13 Link
  • Montoya D. (2008). Habitat loss, dispersal, and the probability of extinction of tree species. Communicative & Integrative Biology 1:2, 146-147 Link

Media impact and social coverage (not updated)